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A passage in scripture, a piece of music –a phrase or melody held in the moment to savor.

Scritture I sm

Scritture I, monotype w chine colle over letters, 7″ x 5″

Beautiful hand-written letters I found in a flea market in Lecce, Italy, a lost artform, personal, now public for all to see. Leaving an essence of the person who wrote them – heartfelt intentions – inspired the series, “Scrittures”.


Musical notes dance on the page, a visual feast for the artist – black and white ovals, dots and lines break up the space. For the aficionado, the abstract shapes coalesce into a meaningful tune. Music triggers childhood memories and others through each chapter of my life, marking the passage of time.

Cadenza II sm

Cadenza I, Monotype w Chine colle over sheet music, 22″ x 17″

Chine-collé is a technique in printmaking in which an image is printed on a thinner paper and glued to the base paper at the same time. In this case, I have printed over old letters and sheet music which is bonded to the base paper, Rives BFK. These are unique, one of a kind prints. This work was begun at Scuola Internationale de Grafica, Venice, Italy during my artist in residence  September 2015 and completed in my Mazatlan studio.