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Glen Rogers in her studio
1.) Tell us as little bit about your path with the divine feminine. When were you first drawn to the goddess, and what did that look like for you? 

Reading books in my late twenties like The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler and When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone opened my eyes to a world of early Matriarchal cultures and the Sacred Feminine. I learned of ancient Goddess cultures, where women rulers and priestesses presided and held court in peaceful agrarian societies. Women were honored in each stage of life – maiden, mother, crone and as sacred life-givers, healers, and wise leaders. With these new revelations, I began choosing a spiritual path that honored that Goddess energy via my connection to Mother Earth and La Luna. Through meditation, my stream of creativity, and a connection to nature, I felt Her presence as a guiding light. I began traveling to sacred sites such as Paleolithic cave sites in South of France, representing the womb of the Mother and Newgrange in Ireland, with womb-like tunnels replicating the birth canal. Feeling that Goddess energy and walking in the footsteps of the grandmothers inspired and continues to inspire me.

2.) How would you describe the process of giving birth as a creator?

The act of creating is one of the most beautiful things in my life and I am grateful every day. In the early morning, sitting with my coffee and journal, I receive some of my most inspired ideas. These are just seeds of inspiration that I write or sketch out–and it’s up to me if they germinate and develop into something worthwhile. At this early stage and later in the studio when I’m in the flow, I often feel that I’m co-creating with a higher power which I call the Goddess energy. Listening to Her message and my intuition are part of my art practice. As a visual artist, I follow the writer’s adage “show up at the page.” Which means whether I’m in the mood or not, I go to the studio, because inevitably something happens. (And it is a sure thing that if I don’t show up–nothing will.) I always have a couple of projects going on at the same time to keep my juices flowing. Right now I have a large-scale charcoal drawing on my painting wall, a series of small monoprints in the works and an accordion book called Seed of the Divine that I just completed. The Sacred Feminine and her symbols, like the moon and the spiral, appear throughout–and all are inspired by my recent trip to Ireland. I travel a lot for my inspiration, taking pilgrimages to ancient Goddess sites around the world. My book, Art & Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place, is about these journeys and the art inspired by my experiences. Creating art is truly a birthing process for me that requires time, focused energy and love. 

3.) This November, you are offering a divine feminine gathering for women in San Miguel. How did the vision for this gathering initially form and come into being?

The idea for Calling the Circle started to take form as I was promoting my second book, Symbols of the Spirit: A Meditative Journey Through Art in California in 2019. While I was giving book talks and sharing my journey to mainly female audiences, I began looking for more ways to inspire through my stories and artwork. As my friend and mentor, Priestess and Doctor of Chinese Medicine Dr. Ratka Mira Popovic and I were brainstorming ideas, we envisioned a women’s gathering in San Miguel de Allende Mexico where I live. I realized that San Miguel is the perfect location for our Gathering – a beautiful city with a definite spiritual and feminine energy. Even though Covid hit shortly after, the seed had been planted and I began forming an advisory council of women in the community to help birth the event. I think we were all feeling a hunger for this Gathering – as a way to connect to each other and to ancient Goddess wisdom. We join women around the world who are looking for ways to reclaim their spiritual roots and connect to the Sacred Feminine. Especially after Covid, we want to create an event filled with inspiration and empowerment. 

Karen Kinney is a writer, visual artist, and teacher and has recently published her 2nd book Doorways to Transformation: Everyday Wisdom for the Creative Soul.  I am honored to have Karen on our Advisory Counsel for the Calling the Circle Gathering in November. If you would like to sign up for Karen’s Divine Feminine Newsletter, contact her through her website.  karenkinney.com