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It must have been those red boots I bought my first day in Paris. Or the synchronicity of running into Mary’s old friends in a West Bank Cafe. Or the wonderful exhibition, Crossing Borders, in Ghent, Belgium I was in where we attended the opening and met new artist friends. Or more than likely, my one simple question, “Are there any Neolithic goddess sites in Austria?” that led to my visiting the infamous Venus of Willendorf at the Natural History Museum – inspiration for the Sculpture to come…

I believe in synchronicity, or “meaningful coincidences,” and that being open to possibilities is key. You have to say yes to the Universe to receive gifts that come “out of the blue.” Last year’s trip to Europe was full of such magic; good luck certainly came my way and all seemed part of a divine plan.

Read my article for Lokkal Magazine, to learn the how’s and why’s behind my new public sculpture, “Throne for a Goddess” at Kunstpark St. Ruprecht/Raab, Austria. https://www.lokkal.com/sma/magazine/2020/december/venus.php

Throne for a Goddess, Sculptural seating installed in September 2020.