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Floating Lotus III

Floating Lotus III, Oil on Canvas w gold leaf, 27″ x 27″

The lotus, a metaphor for the unfolding of life and spirit, a timeless passage. As in all forms of nature, I begin as a seed and emerge gradually seeking light, my spirit rejoicing upon glimpsing something greater than myself – God, Goddess, All That Is – The Source. In my daily life, with heart, hand and spirit in alignment, I am at my best. Through creativity, meditation, and communing with nature, I seek divine clarity, and with luck, tap into the Collective Unconscious – source of inspiration.

I have used the Lotus as image for many years, and keep returning to it again and again. This timeless symbol finds its way into my prints, paintings and drawings creating a spiritual space for meditation.This simple floral shape associated with Buddha nature transcends its earthly role.


Sacred Space I sm

Lotus, 36″ x 27″, Monotype on Handmade Paper

Golden Lotus sm

Lotus, 42″ x 42″, monotype

Lotus III_monotype_42 x 53

Lotus, 42″ x 53″, monotype