My Interview with Karen Kinney in her Divine Feminine Newsletter


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Glen Rogers in her studio
1.) Tell us as little bit about your path with the divine feminine. When were you first drawn to the goddess, and what did that look like for you? 

Reading books in my late twenties like The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler and When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone opened my eyes to a world of early Matriarchal cultures and the Sacred Feminine. I learned of ancient Goddess cultures, where women rulers and priestesses presided and held court in peaceful agrarian societies. Women were honored in each stage of life – maiden, mother, crone and as sacred life-givers, healers, and wise leaders. With these new revelations, I began choosing a spiritual path that honored that Goddess energy via my connection to Mother Earth and La Luna. Through meditation, my stream of creativity, and a connection to nature, I felt Her presence as a guiding light. I began traveling to sacred sites such as Paleolithic cave sites in South of France, representing the womb of the Mother and Newgrange in Ireland, with womb-like tunnels replicating the birth canal. Feeling that Goddess energy and walking in the footsteps of the grandmothers inspired and continues to inspire me.

2.) How would you describe the process of giving birth as a creator?

The act of creating is one of the most beautiful things in my life and I am grateful every day. In the early morning, sitting with my coffee and journal, I receive some of my most inspired ideas. These are just seeds of inspiration that I write or sketch out–and it’s up to me if they germinate and develop into something worthwhile. At this early stage and later in the studio when I’m in the flow, I often feel that I’m co-creating with a higher power which I call the Goddess energy. Listening to Her message and my intuition are part of my art practice. As a visual artist, I follow the writer’s adage “show up at the page.” Which means whether I’m in the mood or not, I go to the studio, because inevitably something happens. (And it is a sure thing that if I don’t show up–nothing will.) I always have a couple of projects going on at the same time to keep my juices flowing. Right now I have a large-scale charcoal drawing on my painting wall, a series of small monoprints in the works and an accordion book called Seed of the Divine that I just completed. The Sacred Feminine and her symbols, like the moon and the spiral, appear throughout–and all are inspired by my recent trip to Ireland. I travel a lot for my inspiration, taking pilgrimages to ancient Goddess sites around the world. My book, Art & Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place, is about these journeys and the art inspired by my experiences. Creating art is truly a birthing process for me that requires time, focused energy and love. 

3.) This November, you are offering a divine feminine gathering for women in San Miguel. How did the vision for this gathering initially form and come into being?

The idea for Calling the Circle started to take form as I was promoting my second book, Symbols of the Spirit: A Meditative Journey Through Art in California in 2019. While I was giving book talks and sharing my journey to mainly female audiences, I began looking for more ways to inspire through my stories and artwork. As my friend and mentor, Priestess and Doctor of Chinese Medicine Dr. Ratka Mira Popovic and I were brainstorming ideas, we envisioned a women’s gathering in San Miguel de Allende Mexico where I live. I realized that San Miguel is the perfect location for our Gathering – a beautiful city with a definite spiritual and feminine energy. Even though Covid hit shortly after, the seed had been planted and I began forming an advisory council of women in the community to help birth the event. I think we were all feeling a hunger for this Gathering – as a way to connect to each other and to ancient Goddess wisdom. We join women around the world who are looking for ways to reclaim their spiritual roots and connect to the Sacred Feminine. Especially after Covid, we want to create an event filled with inspiration and empowerment. 

Karen Kinney is a writer, visual artist, and teacher and has recently published her 2nd book Doorways to Transformation: Everyday Wisdom for the Creative Soul.  I am honored to have Karen on our Advisory Counsel for the Calling the Circle Gathering in November. If you would like to sign up for Karen’s Divine Feminine Newsletter, contact her through her website.

Calling the Circle A Sacred Feminine Women’s Gathering, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, November 7-9, 2022


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Join us for this inaugural women’s gathering in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico as we connect with the essence of goddess wisdom, learn from women considered inspirational leaders in their fields and explore topics that include sacred feminine spirituality, ancient matriarchal cultures, ritual, creativity and the visionary path into this new time. Let us come together to nourish and transform ourselves and our world at this time of deep awakening. 

​I’ve been inspired, motivated, moved to organize this gathering of women. This idea has been with me for a number of years – pre Covid, even. Why, you might ask? As an artist, educator, spiritual seeker, pilgrim to sacred sites around the world, I have dedicated my work to celebrating the sacred feminine and women’s/feminist issues. Once I learned of our ancient matriarchal past and visited sites like the Temple of Knossos in Crete where there were priestesses and women were on an equal footing with men, my eyes were open and I saw the world differently. As a young woman, reading books like The Chalice and the Blade by Ryan Eisler, When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone, and Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas I was astounded to find out that patriarchy has only been our social system for 6000 years vs 30,000 years of matriarchy. That’s when I began traveling to visit places like the paleolithic caves in South of France and Newgrange in Ireland to walk in the footsteps of our grandmothers – to feel the connection to ritual and cultures who revered women and Mother Earth. I’ve been inspired by my journeys, in my artwork and my life, to raise the voice of women – to shout out our power. (I will be sharing my journeys at the Gathering!) To imagine a future when women are given the same rights as men is a beautiful thing and a noble cause. My books, Art and Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place and Symbols of the Spirit: A Meditative Journey Through Art chronicles my work into the Sacred Feminine.

Calling the Circle is a 3 day event of Inspiration, Empowerment, and Connection with circle ceremonies, speakers, sister discussions, creative sessions in writing, vision board collage and more.

I’m honored to have a power circle of women, my advisory committee, who have offered support and great ideas and will be participating throughout the event.

Back row: Bobbi Van, Dorothy Wallstein, Glen Rogers, Karen Kinney Front Row: Carole Schor, Susan Page, Lena Bartula (Not shown – Maia Williams and Dr. Ratka Popovic) Writers, artists, activists, teachers, doctors, creative thinkers, movers and shakers

We have a great group of Inspirational, informative speakers!

Visit the website: to see the program, and read more about the event and our inspirational speakers.

Dr. Rossana Quiroz, archeologist at Museo de Astronomía Prehispánica and Cañada del la Virgen pyramid site will discuss Female Mesoamerican Sacred Entities seen through the experiences of creation, fertility, the importance of seed blessings, menstruation, and time-keeping for our own spiritual growth.

Dr. Ratka Popovic, an initiated pagan Priestess and Doctor of Chinese medicine, will teach practical magic, ancient knowledge and practices and how to embody and thrive in your Divine Feminine through ritual, meditation, and intentional rediscovery. 

Amber Chand is a global visionary—storyteller, author, artist, life coach and entrepreneur. She will guide us to iluminate the Path of the Visionary Feminine and Dream into a World of Enlivened Possibility and Wisdom.

Jyothi Panicker, a South Indian raised in Zambia, Africa, grew up in a matrilineal tradition of spirituality focusing on a deep faith in the Mother Goddess. As a traditionally trained yoga teacher, she shares how she weaves the goddesses into her practice and everyday life, her philosophy and mythology as it relates to the Sacred Feminine.

Alicia Mayo, who has led the Full Moon Ceremony at El Charco del Ingenio Botanical Gardens for over 25 years, will guide us in a private full moon ceremony on Tuesday November 8. (A Lunar eclipse!) Alicia is also a certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork.

“When women gather and call a circle, magic happens! It’s a time of connection and sharing, teaching and learning. Women have always gathered and women’s circles have always been around—whether at the kitchen table, stirring the cauldron, or at a quilting bee. Calling the Circle: A Sacred Feminine Gathering will be a joyful meeting of minds and hearts sure to inspire and empower. I’m honored to have such an amazing circle of women to help create this special event.” 
Glen Rogers – organizer

Glen Rogers

Glen Rogers is an internationally exhibited artist and teacher whose work has been dedicated to the Sacred Feminine for over 35 years. Her books, Art & Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of PlaceSymbols of the Spirit and Spirit Cards oracle deck highlight her pilgrimages to ancient Goddess sites around the world.  She has organized community and socially conscious events such as Mazatlan Artwalk, Paper Migrations Int’l artist exchange, SJICA Monotype Marathon, traveling exhibitions: Presence in Nature, The Artist’s Vision: A World Without War and Plastic Madness as well as Art Vacations to Peru and major cities in Mexico.

Register Now!
Cost / $350 usd or peso equivalent
Price includes the 3-day event with lunch from 10 am til 5 or 6pm
Private full moon ceremony on Tuesday Nov. 8
Cocktail Closing on Wednesday Nov. 9
Does not include transportation, accommodations, or meals (except lunch)

Calling the Circle Women’s Gathering

A 3 Day event in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, November 7-9, 2022


In Her Power: Images of the Sacred Feminine


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Solo Exhibition at La Huipilista Artspace, San Miguel de Allende. December 2021.

In this exhibition, I honor women and the sacred feminine in my paintings, monoprints and drawings. These figurative works radiate independence, as they acknowledge the arbitrary barriers and obstacles that women encounter in their lives. In this visionary world, women hold a shared wisdom as divine creators and through ritual, reclaim ancient rites of passage. Disparaged figures from the Bible like Lilith and Mary Magdalene take their power back while the Celtic-based goddess imagery of Maiden, Mother, Crone comes alive in a mural sized charcoal drawing. Calling on the mystery of the moon to use their magic, they commune with birds and snakes and such – symbols of the ancient goddesses.                                                                                                                  

In my early work as an artist, I portrayed the female figure from a feminist perspective – in all her strength and sensuality. However, in graduate school, the female nude was seen as objectifying women and became off-limits as subject matter. At that point, my work shifted to a symbolic approach as I began discovering early Matriarchal cultures where priestesses ruled. I began taking pilgrimages to sites such as Newgrange in Ireland and Knossos in Crete, studying artifacts and symbols. My symbolic abstraction of the divine feminine can be seen in my books,Art & Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place, and Symbols of the Spirit: A Meditative Journey Through Art.                      

The return to the figure in my art began while working at an artist residency in Morocco a couple of years ago. Now combining both the figure and symbols on paper and canvas, my visual vocabulary tells a story of women in their power.

Sedona – Visiting a Spiritual Vortex


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Bell Rock, Sedona

In May, I drove up to the Southwest United States from Mexico (where I live) with a couple of friends. My main reason was to deliver some of my Spirit Card oracle decks and latest book, Symbols of the Spirit to bookstores along the way. I’d also been wanting to visit a dear friend who lives in Sedona. But ofcourse seeing the beautiful desert landscape after being cooped up during the pandemic was a definite plus. We also looked forward to visiting friends and family who hosted us on the trip. (We had our vaccinations and followed Covid Protocol like mask wearing and social distancing wherever we went.)

Our itinerary followed a loop around the Southwest with stops in Tubac, Tucson, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Sedona, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Santa Fe, Taos, Ghost Ranch/Abiquiu, Albuquerque and back thru Tucson to the Nogales Border. It was a whirlwind 2 1/2 week trip with amazing landscapes. And with this agenda, we were also able to see lots of art galleries, meet with artists and visit some private studios, something that we were also interested in.

Visiting Sedona was a high point in terms of incredible landscape and spiritual essence of place. I had only visited once before in the early 1990’s and had an incredible experience. Sedona is known for it’s Vortexes, special centers of energy that connect you to Gaia, Mother Earth. Places to sit and meditate, feel the energy, and go deeper within yourself – a place to recharge. We visited a number of these Vortex sites; Airport Mesa, Bell Rock and Crescent Moon Park. The latter of the two were the ones I really connected with.

At Crescent Moon Park with Cathedral Rock in the background.

Crescent Moon had a shaded path besides a babbling creek – gorgeous and serene. But I was pulled towards a field just to the left -there I could see the towering formation of Cathedral Rock as well as hear the water nearby. As I laid on the ground my hand found a small triangular rock with a hole in the center, to me – a power symbol. With that in one hand and my crystal in the other, I did a grounding meditation, sending my roots deep into Mother Earth. Sitting up again, I immediately saw the Priestess in the rock formation. She was in profile in her throne and facing an American Indian Chief. Here were the protectors of this Sacred Land – the Divine Feminine and the Spirit Keeper. (Has anyone else noticed these images??!)

The next day we visited Bell Rock where we were able to hike and climb on the undulating red stone. Such feminine, curving shapes like the Great Mother herself! I pulled off from my companions to find my meditation spot, where I could commune with the Spirit of Place. I left feeling blessed that once again, I had the opportunity to feel her energy. Often when I visit a sacred site, I return to my studio newly inspired. Let’s see where this journey will lead me…

Bell Rock

And yes, on my trip, I successfully consigned my books and Spirit Cards to:

Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix

Sedona Creative Life Center

Garcia Street Books in Santa Fe

Please visit the shops and check them out if you’re in the area.

My books are now available thru Amazon:

The Flowering – Re-birth and Renewal


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Spring is synonymous with terms like re-birth, renewal, and regeneration. With the Vernal Equinox which occurred on March 20, our days have started to become longer and there is more available light each day – buds have begun to emerge, flowers have begun to blossom. Spring is a time of hope and new beginnings.

In this new series of ten small monoprints The Flowering, 6″ x 5″, there are many metaphors to be found. Yes – seeds, flowers, opening, re-birth and renewal – all the images of Spring. The colors are bursting forth with a certain exhilaration – magentas and oranges, and various shades of reds. I use stencils of flowers, vines and mandalas to enhance and marry the images of nature. All of these prints celebrate an explosion of new life.

The Flowering also speaks to the Sacred Feminine and her role as Giver of Life. The focal point of these prints is an ancient fertility symbol, the rounded pubic triangle from which new life blossoms. As far back as the Paleolithic era, there are examples of the simplified vulva depicted on figurines and cave walls. These early markings point to fecundity and the miracle of life. Early ceramics from the Minoan and Cycladic cultures also use this motif to honor the birth-giving aspect of the Goddess. In this case, the female symbol was often flanked by sprouting seeds and young plants as the vulva was associated with the seed of wild fruit. (Sourced from Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas)

In The Flowering, I borrow from a universal visual language to carry on an ancient tradition of honoring women in their role as Life-Giver. The vulva is an archetype, a vessel to hold new life. There is a promise of magic in the process of birthing something new…

If you would like to see more, or are interested in these prints, contact me:

Bernie Meme – being embraced in my ‘Throne for a Goddess’ sculpture.


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Bernie enjoying some ancient feminine healing energy!

Congressman Bernie Sanders has become quite a sensation! His meme sitting with mittens at the Inauguration has reached viral proportions. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sit him down on my “Throne for a Goddess” sculpture recently installed at Kunstpark st. Ruprecht/Raab, Austria (read about my sculpture in this post). And he looks so great there!

There are a number of sites where you can access the meme, but thanks to, I was able to easily cut and paste Bernie into my setting. Although this started as a fun poke at Bernie, the now Chairman of the powerful Senate Budget Committee, has run with the meme and put it on sweatshirts for sale, with all proceeds going to Meals on Wheels Vermont. You can purchase yours at

Bernie being embraced by the ancient Goddess energy.

Feel free to share!

The Priestess – Feminine Energy in the Time of Insurrection


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The Priestess archetype from the Tarot is a card we need to call on now, in these unstable times. She signifies both strength and softness, a balance of Ying & Yang energies. She is the messenger and uses her intuition and self-trust to do what’s best. She holds the scroll of wisdom, poised for change and a coming into unity. The spirals on her skirt indicate renewal and regeneration towards a healthy change for Mother Earth.

At this moment in time, we need the wisdom of Divine Feminine to guide us through the labyrinth of government to ensure enlightenment on the other side. Nancy Pelosi fills those shoes as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. She embodies the Priestess archetype, standing her ground for justice. May she be strong and resilient and gather support from both aisles of the political parties to do what needs to be done.

Let their heads roll at her feet! It’s a time for unity – but not a time to gloss over the crimes directed at our democracy. Unity comes after Impeachment. May this modern day Priestess and her cohorts do what needs to be done to create a peaceful transition for the Biden and Harris administration.

Revisioning the Venus: San Miguel de Allende to Austria


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It must have been those red boots I bought my first day in Paris. Or the synchronicity of running into Mary’s old friends in a West Bank Cafe. Or the wonderful exhibition, Crossing Borders, in Ghent, Belgium I was in where we attended the opening and met new artist friends. Or more than likely, my one simple question, “Are there any Neolithic goddess sites in Austria?” that led to my visiting the infamous Venus of Willendorf at the Natural History Museum – inspiration for the Sculpture to come…

I believe in synchronicity, or “meaningful coincidences,” and that being open to possibilities is key. You have to say yes to the Universe to receive gifts that come “out of the blue.” Last year’s trip to Europe was full of such magic; good luck certainly came my way and all seemed part of a divine plan.

Read my article for Lokkal Magazine, to learn the how’s and why’s behind my new public sculpture, “Throne for a Goddess” at Kunstpark St. Ruprecht/Raab, Austria.

Throne for a Goddess, Sculptural seating installed in September 2020.

The Sacred Feminine Trilogy. Watch as a Large Charcoal Drawing develops in the Studio.


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Sometimes you create a piece of art because of the materials you have available to you. This is especially true during the Covid-19 lock down. I had this beautiful large sheet of amate paper, a hand-made paper made in a village near Puebla, Mexico, rolled up in a corner and nearly forgotten. I bought the paper for the size, 45″ x 97″ – finding paper that size isn’t easy – so you grab it when you can. But the sheer beauty of it also attracted me. I bought a couple of sheets from the maker who was traveling through Mazatlan a number of years ago.

The Beginning

In June, I unfurled and tacked the huge paper up on my sheetrock wall in my studio (in San Miguel de Allende) not knowing what I was going to do – without a plan. That’s my normal modus operandi: show up at the page and see what happens. I’d thought I might cut it into 3 pieces after I got started. And since I’ve been working figuratively, I began in the center – sketching in a rough figure with charcoal.

Three Figures emerge

I love working with charcoal, although it is very messy. It’s a very sensual medium, one you have to get your hands into. A push/pull of black and white, adding and subtracting, making marks and erasing. Smearing, rubbing, softening with fingers, rags, and erasures. As the figures took form, the symbols began to emerge from the page as well – the moon, the circle, the bird, wings, the spiral, the ouroboros (snake), and flowers.

The final piece!

I began to see the power in the full size paper – no way was I going to cut it into three pieces! It won’t be easy to frame or exhibit, but art is not practical and we don’t make practical choices in the studio.

As the figures emerged, a story developed and The Sacred Feminine Trilogy came to life. On the left is ‘Strength’ – a young woman turns towards center one hand in a fist, in defiance – “a don’t mess with me stance”. A bird sits on her shoulder, another hovers nearby, possibly her Spirit Guides. In the center is ‘Spirit’ – one hand upturned to receive, the other to give back, a sacred mudra or hand gesture. She stands in front of the Full Moon, a sacred feminine symbol if there ever was one, her wings fully in place – suggesting she is a spiritual entity. The Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, encircles the moon, an ancient symbol for renewal and the cycle of life. On the right is ‘Abundance’ – the Mother, pregnant and abundant with life. She holds white Cala lilies in front of her stomach – a symbol for fertility – and looks towards Spirit‘ for guidance.

The viewer’s interpretation is as valid as the artist’s. What do you read into the Trilogy? Enjoy!

‘Throne for a Goddess’ sculpture in Austria launches Benefit for Rural Girls in Mexico


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Throne for a Goddess, sculptural seating, front view

My newest public sculpture, Throne for a Goddess, installed in Austria in September, has launched a fundraiser to benefit a Mexican based non-profit organization that empowers women through education –  Mujeres en Cambio (Women in Change). Visit their website to learn more about their good work.

 “This project is all about empowering and honoring women – from the ancient to the present”.

Since I couldn’t be in Austria for the opening due to covid travel restrictions, I wanted to raise awareness of my newest public sculpture and offer something locally as well. To that end, I created a beautiful golden print that reflects the imagery of the sculpture and benefits young women. I partnered with the San Miguel de Allende non-profit, Mujeres en Cambio, and offered them 40% of the sales.

This archival, limited edition digital print, 11.5” x 8.5”, is signed and numbered by the artist.

Mujeres en Cambio was a  logical choice since they empower young women in rural communities by offering scholarships for their education. In Mexico, education is only free through the 6th grade. In 2019 the organization gave scholarships to 187 girls from 46 villages in rural San Miguel. V.P. Trish Leaven said, “these times are greatly affecting how NGO’s like ours continue to raise funds to support our young women, so offers like hers (Glen’s) are truly appreciated.

The Throne for a Goddess commemorative print is 11.5” x 8.5” and is an archival, limited edition digital print, signed and numbered by the artist. The prints are $100USD or $2100 MXN each. Your Purchase of a Print Empowers Young Women Through Education!  Purchase your print on my website:

The Seed of an Idea becomes a Reality

So how did this public sculpture come about? In September 2019, I was in Europe for a group exhibition in Ghent, Belgium called Crossing Borders. After the show, my friend and I traveled to Austria where we visited her cousins in Vienna and later her extended family in Weiz in the beautiful countryside of Styria.

Glen visiting the real Venus of Willendorf

Sitting around the dinner table on our first night in Vienna, I asked our hosts if there were any Neolithic Goddess sites to explore nearby. (Visiting sacred sites is a passion of mine, one that I’ve been pursuing for many years, thus my book, Art and Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place.) To my utter surprise, they told me that the Venus of Willendorf, one of the oldest and most celebrated Paleolithic goddess sculptures, was housed in The Natural History Museum in Vienna. With a feeling of reverence and excitement, we paid her a visit the very next day! Housed in a special room with only a few other artifacts, the Venus was incased in a glass cube – all 6” of her. She was exquisitely carved in stone during the ice age, almost 30,000 years ago, and was discovered in Willendorf, lower Austria in 1908.

The Venus of Willendorf has become an icon for women everywhere, with her characteristic voluptuous shape, she is a fertility symbol honoring women as life-givers. She is an archetype that points to ancient goddess cultures and matriarchal societies. For me, this image of the Great Mother is a symbol of female empowerment, a reminder of who we are and where we came from.

Kunstpark St. Ruprecht/Raab sculpture park:

During our stay in Austria, our host took us to Weiz, and on the way, stopped to show us a new sculpture park in St. Ruprecht/Raab where he had a piece. The park which is beautifully laid out like a giant peace symbol, already had 20 to 25 sculptures by local artists. We met Wolfgang Neffe, the initiator of the park and shortly after, I made a proposal. I wanted to honor the Venus of Willendorf, this Austrian artifact that symbolizes the Sacred Feminine – the primary motivation for my art for many years.

The sculpture was fabricated in Austria by the Binder Company where I worked closely with Jitka Derler, an artist herself. Jitka totally related to the goddess imagery that was the basis for the work and we worked well together inspite of our language barrier and the physical distance between us. Throne for a Goddess was installed at Kunstpark St. Ruprecht/Raab on September 9th, 2020.

The final Throne is made of gold-tone anodized aluminum on the front and steel with rust patina for the back and stands 6.5 feet tall by 34” wide.

Throne for a Goddess is an interactive sculpture where visitors are invited to sit and feel the energy of the Great Mother: Rest in the Warm Embrace of the Goddess, the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine. Feel Her Nurturing Love and Offer of Abundance and Prosperity. Sit in Her Lap of Fertility and Plant a Seed for your Dreams and New Beginnings.

Back side of the Throne is made of rusted steel.

More of my public sculpture can be seen on my website: Beacon, Campbell, CA; Three Wings, Stockton, CA; Web of Life, Chico, CA; Spirit Gate and Meditation Bench, San Jose, CA.

Glen with a framed print.