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Bell Rock, Sedona

In May, I drove up to the Southwest United States from Mexico (where I live) with a couple of friends. My main reason was to deliver some of my Spirit Card oracle decks and latest book, Symbols of the Spirit to bookstores along the way. I’d also been wanting to visit a dear friend who lives in Sedona. But ofcourse seeing the beautiful desert landscape after being cooped up during the pandemic was a definite plus. We also looked forward to visiting friends and family who hosted us on the trip. (We had our vaccinations and followed Covid Protocol like mask wearing and social distancing wherever we went.)

Our itinerary followed a loop around the Southwest with stops in Tubac, Tucson, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Sedona, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Santa Fe, Taos, Ghost Ranch/Abiquiu, Albuquerque and back thru Tucson to the Nogales Border. It was a whirlwind 2 1/2 week trip with amazing landscapes. And with this agenda, we were also able to see lots of art galleries, meet with artists and visit some private studios, something that we were also interested in.

Visiting Sedona was a high point in terms of incredible landscape and spiritual essence of place. I had only visited once before in the early 1990’s and had an incredible experience. Sedona is known for it’s Vortexes, special centers of energy that connect you to Gaia, Mother Earth. Places to sit and meditate, feel the energy, and go deeper within yourself – a place to recharge. We visited a number of these Vortex sites; Airport Mesa, Bell Rock and Crescent Moon Park. The latter of the two were the ones I really connected with.

At Crescent Moon Park with Cathedral Rock in the background.

Crescent Moon had a shaded path besides a babbling creek – gorgeous and serene. But I was pulled towards a field just to the left -there I could see the towering formation of Cathedral Rock as well as hear the water nearby. As I laid on the ground my hand found a small triangular rock with a hole in the center, to me – a power symbol. With that in one hand and my crystal in the other, I did a grounding meditation, sending my roots deep into Mother Earth. Sitting up again, I immediately saw the Priestess in the rock formation. She was in profile in her throne and facing an American Indian Chief. Here were the protectors of this Sacred Land – the Divine Feminine and the Spirit Keeper. (Has anyone else noticed these images??!)

The next day we visited Bell Rock where we were able to hike and climb on the undulating red stone. Such feminine, curving shapes like the Great Mother herself! I pulled off from my companions to find my meditation spot, where I could commune with the Spirit of Place. I left feeling blessed that once again, I had the opportunity to feel her energy. Often when I visit a sacred site, I return to my studio newly inspired. Let’s see where this journey will lead me…

Bell Rock

And yes, on my trip, I successfully consigned my books and Spirit Cards to:

Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix

Sedona Creative Life Center

Garcia Street Books in Santa Fe

Please visit the shops and check them out if you’re in the area.

My books are now available thru Amazon: