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Join us for this inaugural women’s gathering in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico as we connect with the essence of goddess wisdom, learn from women considered inspirational leaders in their fields and explore topics that include sacred feminine spirituality, ancient matriarchal cultures, ritual, creativity and the visionary path into this new time. Let us come together to nourish and transform ourselves and our world at this time of deep awakening. 

​I’ve been inspired, motivated, moved to organize this gathering of women. This idea has been with me for a number of years – pre Covid, even. Why, you might ask? As an artist, educator, spiritual seeker, pilgrim to sacred sites around the world, I have dedicated my work to celebrating the sacred feminine and women’s/feminist issues. Once I learned of our ancient matriarchal past and visited sites like the Temple of Knossos in Crete where there were priestesses and women were on an equal footing with men, my eyes were open and I saw the world differently. As a young woman, reading books like The Chalice and the Blade by Ryan Eisler, When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone, and Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas I was astounded to find out that patriarchy has only been our social system for 6000 years vs 30,000 years of matriarchy. That’s when I began traveling to visit places like the paleolithic caves in South of France and Newgrange in Ireland to walk in the footsteps of our grandmothers – to feel the connection to ritual and cultures who revered women and Mother Earth. I’ve been inspired by my journeys, in my artwork and my life, to raise the voice of women – to shout out our power. (I will be sharing my journeys at the Gathering!) To imagine a future when women are given the same rights as men is a beautiful thing and a noble cause. My books, Art and Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place and Symbols of the Spirit: A Meditative Journey Through Art chronicles my work into the Sacred Feminine.

Calling the Circle is a 3 day event of Inspiration, Empowerment, and Connection with circle ceremonies, speakers, sister discussions, creative sessions in writing, vision board collage and more.

I’m honored to have a power circle of women, my advisory committee, who have offered support and great ideas and will be participating throughout the event.

Back row: Bobbi Van, Dorothy Wallstein, Glen Rogers, Karen Kinney Front Row: Carole Schor, Susan Page, Lena Bartula (Not shown – Maia Williams and Dr. Ratka Popovic) Writers, artists, activists, teachers, doctors, creative thinkers, movers and shakers

We have a great group of Inspirational, informative speakers!

Visit the website: www.sacredfemininecircle.com to see the program, and read more about the event and our inspirational speakers.

Dr. Rossana Quiroz, archeologist at Museo de Astronomía Prehispánica and Cañada del la Virgen pyramid site will discuss Female Mesoamerican Sacred Entities seen through the experiences of creation, fertility, the importance of seed blessings, menstruation, and time-keeping for our own spiritual growth.

Dr. Ratka Popovic, an initiated pagan Priestess and Doctor of Chinese medicine, will teach practical magic, ancient knowledge and practices and how to embody and thrive in your Divine Feminine through ritual, meditation, and intentional rediscovery. 

Amber Chand is a global visionary—storyteller, author, artist, life coach and entrepreneur. She will guide us to iluminate the Path of the Visionary Feminine and Dream into a World of Enlivened Possibility and Wisdom.

Jyothi Panicker, a South Indian raised in Zambia, Africa, grew up in a matrilineal tradition of spirituality focusing on a deep faith in the Mother Goddess. As a traditionally trained yoga teacher, she shares how she weaves the goddesses into her practice and everyday life, her philosophy and mythology as it relates to the Sacred Feminine.

Alicia Mayo, who has led the Full Moon Ceremony at El Charco del Ingenio Botanical Gardens for over 25 years, will guide us in a private full moon ceremony on Tuesday November 8. (A Lunar eclipse!) Alicia is also a certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork.

“When women gather and call a circle, magic happens! It’s a time of connection and sharing, teaching and learning. Women have always gathered and women’s circles have always been around—whether at the kitchen table, stirring the cauldron, or at a quilting bee. Calling the Circle: A Sacred Feminine Gathering will be a joyful meeting of minds and hearts sure to inspire and empower. I’m honored to have such an amazing circle of women to help create this special event.” 
Glen Rogers – organizer

Glen Rogers

Glen Rogers is an internationally exhibited artist and teacher whose work has been dedicated to the Sacred Feminine for over 35 years. Her books, Art & Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of PlaceSymbols of the Spirit and Spirit Cards oracle deck highlight her pilgrimages to ancient Goddess sites around the world.  She has organized community and socially conscious events such as Mazatlan Artwalk, Paper Migrations Int’l artist exchange, SJICA Monotype Marathon, traveling exhibitions: Presence in Nature, The Artist’s Vision: A World Without War and Plastic Madness as well as Art Vacations to Peru and major cities in Mexico. glenrogersart.com

Register Now!
Cost / $350 usd or peso equivalent
Price includes the 3-day event with lunch from 10 am til 5 or 6pm
Private full moon ceremony on Tuesday Nov. 8
Cocktail Closing on Wednesday Nov. 9
Does not include transportation, accommodations, or meals (except lunch)

Calling the Circle Women’s Gathering

A 3 Day event in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, November 7-9, 2022