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'Blue Spirit', Glen Rogers, Oil on Canvas, 27" x 27"

‘Blue Spirit’, by Glen Rogers, Oil on Canvas, 27″ x 27″

Earth, our planet, our home, is the ultimate sacred site. Gaia, Mother Earth, was honored by early cultures and is still revered in some circles and indigenous cultures. The many sacred sites that I have visited were created or were embellished with drawings and carvings to give thanks and bring forth her spirit. As we have evolved as humans, we have removed ourselves from the source. Our technologically advanced society has exponentially moved us to a tipping point. We have abused our privileges for the sake of convenience and are now heading down a deadly path. Oh dear, I don’t want to sound preachy – only share my concern for the planet!

Climate change is at the forefront and being tackled on a gran scale. But how can each of us reduce our carbon footprint?  Single use Plastic seems to be one of the biggest problems. I am overwhelmed with images of plastic choking our rivers, oceans and landfills. Tons and tons of plastic, a substance that never goes away, yet we have become so dependent on.

‘A  journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.’

I’ve been perusing various websites and blogs for some answers. Below is some useful info and ways we can slowly take back our planet and hold her sacred once again.

Refuse plastic bags; no single use plastic bottles, utensils, straws, etc.; Recycle; buy unpackaged food; spread the word ; donate.                                 I pledge to do more, will you?

1 Million Women gives a lot of great ideas on how to reduce and recycle, offering your own score card.

I discovered Lauren Singer on a TEDTalk. She lives a Zero Waste life in NYC and has a website with great info:  Trash is for Tossers.

Here’s a site where you can order items online and replace a lot of plastic with bamboo, wood or metal items: Life Without Plastic

Boyan Slat is a young Dutch inventor who created technologies to clean up the great garbage patch  in our oceans. See what they are doing: The Ocean Cleanup.

Check out this website that gives the hard facts and inspires change: Plastic Pollution Coalition

Jeff Bridges worked with  Plastic Pollution Coalition on this powerful video. Watch it and be amazed:

Thanks for listening!!