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Crop Circle

What are these mysterious earthworks with reference to sacred geometry and archetypal symbols – symbols so huge that you can only see the image from the air? I’m not talking about the hoaxes – guys with a board and string that have tried to debunk the whole phenomena. Yes, they exist too, but they are detectable and not as complex as the real deal. Are they messages from above, from another planet, or from below, earth’s energy, tapping into the collective unconscious? Whatever! It’s fascinating!

In 2006, a friend and I went to England specifically to see and experience them. I was worried that perhaps we wouldn’t see any after making this special trip but that was not an issue – I saw 9 while there, and more were popping up overnight. We went to Wiltshire County where the largest concentration was. The Barge Inn in Alton Barnes, was “crop circle central,” and had a large map updated with the latest sightings. But before we even got there, we spotted a formation of large intersecting circles just off the highway. We walked through the site completely awestruck, and at one point I laid down in savasana, a resting yoga pose, to let go and soak up the incredible energy from the vortex.

I flew over the area in a microlight plane to get the full visual impact. My pilot, Tony, recounted several experiences of flying over an area, and 30 minutes later seeing a formation where none had existed before. He also pointed out a field that had been harvested, yet the ghost of the crop circle was still visible from above.

The crops are not cut or destroyed, but are gently laid down and whirled from a central vortex. Some visitors claim to feel energy within the formations and scientists have detected changes in the cellular structure of the crop. They are often sited over ley lines, energetic paths that run underneath the earth’s surface, and close to Neolithic sites such as Stonehenge and Avebury.

Here are some crop circles that I photographed from the plane, plus a close-up of walking through a circle.

Some links to sites with the latest crop circles:



One of my paintings inspired by the energy vortices.

“Secrets in the Field”, Oil on Canvas, triptych