On May 14, 2015, I flew over the Nazca Lines in a small Cessna.  We were picked up at our hotel in Lima, taxied to the bus station where we had a 7hr bus ride, taken to a hotel for the night, then picked up the next morning for our mystery flight.  Yes, it was a long haul to get there – but well worth it.  I would highly recommend Great Nazca Tours for their excellent care of us.

What a  thrill to fly over this barren landscape and view these mysterious drawings of animals and linear designs.  We saw the hummingbird, parrot, dog, hands, heron, astronaut, and tree layed out in a black and white desert – very eerie.
The drawings – from 50 to 1200 feet in length – were created by scraping away the top layer of the earth to reveal a white sandy loam.  There is also an amazing spread of intersecting geometric lines and trapezoids. They were created over 2000 years ago – but by whom and for what purpose? That’s the big question.  There are many theories – were they astronomical calendars, images pointing to water in the desert, or ritual/ceremonial?  Since they can’t be seen as complete images from the ground – (just like crop circles) – seems to me they could have had some help – shamans or extraterrestrials??? Check out the astronaut image…..




With our co-pilot after the flight